Kittens of Cattery "Gladness Ray" are transferred to new owners at the age of three months, healthy, vaccinated (according to age) with balanced character, without bad habits and accustomed to food, hands and toilet. Since their birth kittens are competent members of our family, where they socialize and play with cats and people of the cattery. All kittens have a veterinary certificate, pedigree or certificate of origin.

We would be thankful to you if instead of one-line messages such as: "How much is a kitten?", you write a little bit about yourself, what place you are living and clarify what kind of kitten you need: just "for soul" or you are going to take part in exhibitions and to breed.

Родословная помета Lavr + Yashma

W.Сh.Lavr Sladkoe Pyatnyshko 

SIB n 23

Gr.Int.Ch. Bublik SladkoePyatnyshko 

SIB n 03 22

Ch.(WCF) Ch. Marsel of Astera

SIB ns 03 

In.Ch.Ike Pushystiy KhvostSIB ns 03 23

Ch.BarselonaSIB ns 22

W.Ch.Tzvetana Sladkoe Pytnyshko

SIB n 03 24

Ch.Marsel of Astera SIB ns 03

In.Ch.ZonusiaSIB n 24

Eur.Ch.Angelur Shalunya

SIB n 23

Gr.In.Ch. Eger Onix Gloria

SIB n 24

Ch.Bonifaciy Vira-BriskasSIB ns 24

In.Ch.Ish-Ty Onix Gloria SIB n 22

In.Ch. Angelur Marusya

SIB ny 23

Ch.Elisey Onix Gloria SIB n 23

In.Ch.Germiona Graal Angelur SIB ny 21

W.Ch.Gladness Ray Yashma

SIB f22 03

Ch. Imbir' Syberia SIB d 22 02

Gr.Int.Ch. Aristotel Laskovyi Zver

SIB a 03 24

Ch. Pikasso SIB ns 03 24

Int.Ch. Glafira SIB ns 03 24

Eur.Ch. Katarina of Syberia SIB f 03 21



W.Ch.Gladness Ray Chayana


W.Ch. Lavr Sladkoe Pyatnyshko

SIB n 23

Gr.In.Ch.Bublik Sladkoe PyatnyshkoSIB n0322

Gr.Eur.Ch. Angelur Shalunya SIB n 23 

Gr.In.Ch. Lukeria Onix Gloria SIB n 22

Neva`s Legend Ignat SIB n 22 09 

Angelur Hohloma of Onix Gloria SIB ny 22